The Big Sur Marathon Course!

DESCRIPTION Point to point, moderately difficult, with live entertainment on the course. Featuring rolling hills, Big Sur is the largest rural marathon in the world, winding through redwoods, paralleling ranches, and offering stunning views of the Pacific Ocean; USATF sanctioned and certified.
WEATHER Average Temperature: 50° - 60° F. Average Humidity: 30 - 50%
COURSE TIME LIMIT Our permit from the California Dept. of Transportation limits the race to a finishing time of 6 hours, a pace of about 13:40 per mile. The 6 hour window begins when the last starter crosses the timing start mat in Big Sur. The following rules will apply to all participants:

Finishing Time: 6 hours or less
Participants who finish the Big Sur International Marathon in 6 hours or less (tag time) will be presented with the Big Sur International Marathon finisher's medallion and will be able to download and print an Official Finisher's Certificate. They will also be listed in the Official Results Book.

Finishing Time: More than 6 hours
Because Highway One is open to two way traffic immediately following the official close of the race, all aid stations must be dismantled and removed from the course prior to the reopening of the highway. This means that there will be NO SUPPORT (i.e., no water, no medical personnel and no communications personnel) for race participants on the course once the aid stations have been dismantled.


Because of safety concerns, if a participant has not reached Mile 22 by the 5 hour mark (5 ½ hour mark for the 21-Miler), he/she will not be allowed to proceed past that point.


Transportation will be provided to finish area for those race participants who have not reached the 22 mile mark in the time allotted.

An early start is not available. The Marathon begins at 6:45 A.M.
TIME KEEPING/PACE Split times, race pace and predicted finish time called at each mile.
REFRESHMENTS Water stations, plus Gatorade, approximately every two miles. GUavailable at two aid stations on the course.


Official energy gel of the BSIM.


Official sports drink of the BSIM.

 Private Spring Water

Official water of the BSIM.
FIRST AID AND MEDICAL CARE At aid stations along course and at the finish.

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